"My two boys (10 and 13) finished their fourth session of riding lessons at Rock Ranch this past summer.  It’s an activity that they truly enjoy and look forward to.  They talk about the horses like their friends and always have a story about what they were able to do on “their” horse that day.  It’s fun – for them, it’s just plain FUN.  But as their mom, I see more than that.  I see instructors who are genuine, friendly and encouraging.  I see well planned activities that build focus and memory.  I see goals adjusted for their individual needs.  I see confidence gained after each session.  And, I see FUN too!  It’s been such a great addition to our summer plans, and we would welcome the opportunity to enjoy riding time throughout the year."


"Rock Ranch is a priceless experience that all four of our kids look forward to all year. Marie is so caring with the kids and tailors the sessions for each individual child. Our family is forever grateful for all of their help!"