Founded in 2016 by the LaRock Family, Rock Ranch is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing horsemanship training and riding lessons in a natural, Christ-filled setting. We are members of PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship).


Several courses are offered at the Ranch. Kids who are interested in riding will be offered a beginning horsemanship course to determine if horseback riding is something they're really wanting to pursue. Following this entry level course, subsequent sessions will consist of 4 lessons. The lessons focus on basic horsemanship skills such as haltering, grooming, leading, tacking and riding. Each lesson will last one hour and may be grouped with another individual. The primary focus of our beginning horsemanship course is to teach safety, respect, communication, patience, independence and confidence with the horses.


Additional courses at Rock Ranch will enhance the student's academic and life skills under the direction of qualified personnel and volunteers. Advanced courses will focus on improving students' physical abilities, social skills, psychological abilities and will be delivered in a nature-enriched environment. All of these skills will be learned while having fun and enjoying the art of horsemanship!


Special offerings for Seniors 55 and over are also available. Call today to see how you can participate.


Marie's vision for providing quality horsemanship training & life skills in a nature filled environment is the driving force behind Rock Ranch.


Marie earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Speech- Language Pathology from Minnesota State University - Moorhead. Her lifelong love of horses and working with children is the spark igniting the formation of Rock Ranch.


Marie has worked with children on horseback at Rock Ranch for 3 years, as a volunteer with HorsePower in Sioux Falls since 2006, and has provided speech therapy and instruction in school systems all over the region since 2001.


All lessons at Rock Ranch are led by Marie.

Marie LaRock

Founder of Rock Ranch


Rock Ranch provides opportunities for persons to improve themselves physically, cognitively, socially and psychologically while learning the art and skills of horsemanship in a Christ-filled setting.